Monday, August 29, 2011

Good-Bye, Irene and Hello, Harry

Yes, I weathered Hurricane Irene. The shelves were emptied of bread and water. Um, that would be Fuji water. (I'm in Park Slope.)
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The hurricane was relatively mild here and the next day people poured onto the streets after being cooped up . . .

I'm busy finishing up a draft of a new YA I'm writing, but was able to see some sights and hear some sounds. What? You ask. Here's a hint(s):
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The day before Irene hit, I saw one of these Broadway shows and one of those people in the posters in person!!! (Okay, not really in person, but I saw their pants in person!!!)


The Harry Potter Exhibit was a lot of fun, especially since once I (almost) met J.K. Rowling and stood within ten feet from her.

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(Above: That's Ms. Rowling signing Book VII for Son. On the side, off camera, surrounded by security people is me.)

On display at the Harry Potter exhibit were props from the films, like the wands, clothes Snape and Harry and Hermione and Ron wore, the Marauders Map, and more.


(Above: Not actual Marauder's Map.)

I wasn't allowed to take photos inside the exhibit, but did take some at the store . . .
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If you want to see the exhibit, you'd better hurry! It closes on September 5th.


Next Blog: The Broadway show.

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