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My Evening with Buzz Aldrin, Plus Eating Under The Endeavour

Before I begin, Peepy insisted I tell you her big news. That's right! She now has her own Facebook Fan Page.

Sigh. She's always been something of a diva, so we'll just have to see how this goes.

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In other news, some of you know, I am something of a space geek. I taught myself how to speak Klingon. Sort of.

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I even wrote a book called WARP SPEED, about a Star Trek geek who gets bullied. It's jammed packed with Star Trek and Star Wars. Oh, and Batman.

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Here's a video about WARP SPEED.

So then, last year one of the highlights of my life was being selected to part of NASA's Social Media team covering the Endeavour's journey atop a 747 to Dryden Flight Research Center, and then onto Los Angeles. CLICK HERE and HERE to see those blogs.

 photo Photoon9-19-12at9_zps0d106c60.jpg  photo IMG_0065_zpsff54a253.jpg  photo IMG_0335_zpsb3a354a2.jpg

Here's my video of the shuttle leaving for Los Angeles. I was 500 feet from the runway!!!

I couldn't get enough of the shuttle.

 photo IMG_0134_zpsa7c31014.jpg

And NASA was amazing. They even went looking for me when I got lost in the desert . . .

 photo IMG_9883_zpsbd8fca00.jpg

I was on the road when Endeavour continued its journey through the streets of Los Angeles to the California Science Center. Luckily for me, my friend Mary Leggett was right there with it!

Mary is a product manager for Toyota, and their Tundra towed the shuttle. But we'll get to video proof of that later. What you need to know is that Mary drove one of the two trucks carrying the camera crew to make Toyota's commercial!!!

 photo 557596_4779359967504_1888578252_n_zpsc2cd32c9.jpg  photo 32344_4779353967354_46444688_n_zps25d494cd.jpg

These photos are courtesy of Mary. Note night to day. She was with Endeavour for over 17 hours . . .

 photo 485735_4779323086582_576481002_n_zps557934f6.jpg  photo 546876_4779338526968_876486567_n_zpsf39f6a7f.jpg  photo 384352_4779324926628_53581133_n_zps8fc3a541.jpg  photo 223354_4779340527018_845474056_n_zps7775e55e.jpg  photo 62037_4779326566669_41845454_n_zps4143f49a.jpg

 photo 76552_4779307486192_1964514523_n_zps1c434f77.jpg  photo 374104_4779320606520_406631882_n_zps7c7f6caf.jpg  photo 254689_4779365047631_679213180_n_zps059350f1.jpg  photo 222548_4779355007380_1382618463_n_zps5032ae54.jpg  photo 3002_4779337166934_2055473495_n_zpsc359aa5d.jpg  photo 527284_4779309926253_917513195_n_zps89997bad.jpg  photo 430531_4779308566219_131904857_n_zps24900497.jpg

 photo 149622_4779307966204_638345234_n_zps82982da5.jpg

I normally don't like commercials, but I love this one. Here's the Tundra TOWING the shuttle . . .

To see behind-the-scenes of the Tundra pulling Endeavour, CLICK HERE. (It really is a cool mini-mini-documentary)

(Fun Fact: Mary and I went to USC together. Then later we both worked for Doyle Dane Bernbach, an advertising agency in LA!)

So then, when Mary invited me to a LA World Affairs Council dinner to hear Buzz Aldrin and dine UNDER the Endeavour at the California Science Center, I said, "YES! YES, OF COURSE I'LL GO!!!" And I did.

 photo IMG_1377_zps76f3b17e.jpg  photo IMG_1380_zps67b869a4.jpg  photo IMG_1381_zps66238eed.jpg

The Science Center was closed to the public. . . but open to us! Squeeeeee!!!

 photo IMG_1379_zps747bb77c.jpg

There was a HUGE photo of the Endeavour traveling to the Science Center. Though we couldn't find Waldo, we found Mary!!!

 photo IMG_1387_zps6155bea3.jpg  photo IMG_1388_zps0a302996.jpg
(Mary is pointing to her tiny self. To see Tiny Mary in the Tundra, you have to find her hand, then her finger.)

We admired the exhibit before going to the main event . . . seeing the shuttle again.

 photo IMG_1384_zps96217eec.jpg  photo IMG_1383_zps3468e33a.jpg  photo IMG_1382_zpsa7cee75e.jpg

 photo IMG_1412_zps40f990e5.jpg  photo IMG_1406_zpsef0fc0c7.jpg  photo IMG_1402_zpscc2792ae.jpg  photo IMG_1399_zps1afe767c.jpg  photo IMG_1397_zps3a9233d8.jpg  photo IMG_1392_zpsfaf067c7.jpg

 photo IMG_1414_zps051e721c.jpg  photo IMG_1420_zpsb18e0bdd.jpg

Dinner was served under the Endeavour. Every third bite, I'd look up to remind myself how awesome it was to be sitting under the shuttle! I mean (if I were taller) I could have touched it!

 photo IMG_1408_zpsc17971f3.jpg  photo IMG_1421_zps210239ce.jpg  photo IMG_1419_zps61d44777.jpg

First Endeavour astronaut Garrett Reisman spoke . . .

 photo IMG_1429_zpsfd392b06.jpg  photo IMG_1426_zpse2b7efc2.jpg  photo IMG_1425_zps70874d3f.jpg

Then Buzz Aldrin, American Icon and namesake of this fellow, spoke . . .

 photo imgres-3_zps22b48db9.jpeg

 photo IMG_1442_zps87325e38.jpg  photo IMG_1437_zps7e51b196.jpg  photo IMG_1434_zpsf7cca8ee.jpg  photo IMG_1433_zps866913ec.jpg  photo IMG_1431_zpsdfe45c44.jpg

Then they sang a duet. (Actually, they answered questions.)

 photo IMG_1443_zps5a5713ea.jpg  photo IMG_1446_zpsadcb3663.jpg  photo IMG_1447_zps1ca985ee.jpg

Here are some of the answers:

1. Buzz does not believe there is life in outer space.
2. Garrett believes there is life in outer space.
3. Buzz was the first man to pee in his pants on the moon. (Yes! He told us that.)
4. Garrett holds the record for peeing in six different urine containers in space.

Later, the astronauts got to admire the out of this world beauty of Peepy . . .

 photo IMG_1451_zps832738af.jpg  photo IMG_1454_zps53861ef1.jpg  photo IMG_1455_zpsebe1826f.jpg  photo IMG_1456_zps2a9a62fe.jpg  photo IMG_1458_zps3a3240af.jpg  photo IMG_1459_zpsa93f48ef.jpg

Garrett and Peepy had a staring contest. Even though the NASA astronaut lost, he was very gracious . . .

 photo IMG_1462_zps09c631c3.jpg  photo IMG_1463_zpsa4209bd4.jpg

 photo buzz-aldrin-takes-walk-moon-july-20-1969_zpsfde82a91.jpeg


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