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Young Author's Week Visit and a Book Tree

I speak at schools all over the country -- and every now and then, I visit a school in my own backyard.

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Monterey Hills Elementary is not too far from my house . . .

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The school was celebrating their Young Author's Week, and since I'm a young author, I was invited to speak!

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What was that? Oh. Okay. Um, I think that the "young authors" they were referring to were their own students.

So, we began setting up in the cafe-torium . . .

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When, suddenly . . . BEEEEEEEEP, BEEEEEEEP, BEEEEEP. No, Peepy didn't light anything on fire. It was a fire drill!!!! BEEEEP . . .

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 photo IMG_1286_zpsdada2c44.jpg  photo IMG_1287_zps5ecaa620.jpg  photo IMG_1288_zpsb3480cb1.jpg  photo IMG_1289_zps0aeba1e2.jpg

We were totally impressed by how calm and collected everyone was . . .

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One time, I was giving a presentation at a high school in the Chicago area, when BEEEEEEEP!!! Fire drill?

No! It was a real fire!!!!

Oops. Digression. Back to South Pasadena. I told the students that even though the many of my books are set in the fictional town of Rancho Rosetta, CA, it's really South Pasadena. Here's what they thought about that . . .

 photo IMG_1292_zps3b60325b.jpg  photo IMG_1291_zpsfb0577d2.jpg  photo IMG_1293_zps65aaee0d.jpg

After, we visited the library. Super librarian Amy Blum and her furry friend presented us with CHOCOLATE!!!!

 photo IMG_1296_zpsbc78541a.jpg
(How did she know that we love that stuff?)

Here's more of the library and some book lovers . . .

 photo IMG_1298_zps6935b69d.jpg  photo IMG_1299_zpsfd1dbff8.jpg  photo IMG_1300_zps2fa752c7.jpg  photo IMG_1301_zpsf405a7a9.jpg

BTW, look! I get to play library at home . . .

 photo Photoon1-30-13at2_zps2762a402.jpg

Oops. That's another digression. Before we left Monterey Hills Elementary, Peepy got a gift all her own. These three played a concert just for her!

 photo IMG_1294_zpsbfe830de.jpg

So how did we cap off our great afternoon? Here's how . . .

 photo IMG_1303_zps59589e0e.jpg

Hey! What's that? Why, it's the Children's Choice Book Awards . . . the only national book awards program where winning titles are selected by young readers of all ages. And who's hosting? CLICK HERE to find out. (Squeeeee!!!)

 photo CCB_zps649a8f1b.jpg

And finally, there's this. Look what I saw when visiting Art Center College of Design, near the Rose Bowl. Don't you want one of your own?

 photo IMG_1335_zpsf42ce369.jpg

Books make lovely gifts for you or someone you know, or someone you may know sometime. If you'd like an autographed book o' mine, order from Vroman's. Be sure to tell them that you'd like me to sign them, and include the name(s) of who the books should be made out to. Then Vroman's will mail it/them to you!"

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