Monday, February 11, 2013

Dot, Dot, Who Drew The Dot?

Can you guess who this Asian kid is?

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Yes! It's me. I'm Asian, or to be more specific, I am a Chinese American. You know that that means, right?


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Happy Chinese New Year!!!! Here's hours of fun to help celebrate . . .

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Are you done with your Dot to Dot? Because, there's lots more dots in store for you.

 photo imgres-3_zps1b06ab70.jpeg

Oops. Wrong Dot. Here's what I'm talking about . . .

I first met Peter H. Reynolds by reading his marvelous book, THE DOT . . .

 photo 7704_zps2cb934ff.jpeg

I've also had the fun of meeting Peter in person . . .

 photo IMG_0882_zpsdecf6a36.jpg  photo IMG_0881_zps26f003d3.jpg

Plus, I've had a blast at The Blue Bunny, the marvelous indie bookstore owned by Peter and run by his twin, Paul, and Janet, Paul's wife (did you get all that?) . . .

 photo IMG_4307.jpg  photo IMG_4338.jpg  photo IMG_4341.jpg

So when T.J. Shay asked me to create a "Dot," I was like, "excuse me?" Then I saw the website.

 photo dots_zps0599e6e6.jpg

Here are some "celebri-dots" created by famous authors, like Peter . . .

 photo Image1_zpsb3c4a23b.jpg  photo Image4_zps3e8f477d.jpg  photo Image3_zpsac944331.jpg

And Kathi Appelt, Deborah Underwood, Sarah Weeks, Jeff Kinney, and Sharon Creech (twice!) . . .

 photo KathiAppelt_zpsbb880238.png  photo Image2_zpsd29c1bb7.jpg  photo Image8_zpsfc4b06a1.jpg  photo Image7_zps5c7ae8d3.jpg  photo Image6_zpsf0fa4f1c.jpg  photo Image5_zpsc9090c08.jpg

A dot? What would I create? That's when I realized that there were dots everywhere in my office!!!!

 photo IMG_1262_zps290c1302.jpg  photo IMG_1261_zps0db24727.jpg  photo IMG_1255_zps0a42d023.jpg  photo IMG_1264_zps499558d2.jpg  photo IMG_1263_zps9315224e.jpg  photo IMG_1259_zps650dd198.jpg  photo IMG_1258_zps6150d09b.jpg  photo deskview_zpse53ffb92.jpg  photo IMG_1245_zpsee10bb57.jpg  photo IMG_1243_zpsc26f5c9d.jpg  photo IMG_1240_zps74c884ce.jpg  photo IMG_1246_zpse93babcb.jpg  photo IMG_1244_zps7a8f5daa.jpg  photo IMG_1242_zpse175e652.jpg

So, then. How could I incorporate my office into my dot? The it hit me!

 photo IMG_1169_zps6924819b.jpg

Check out the website to see more Celebri-Dots or to create your own.

 photo IMG_1172_zps8da12e78.jpg

(Sort of) speaking of libraries (you can read THE DOT in the library), is this the cutest little library, or what? Came across it in my neighborhood. You can read more about the Free Little Library HERE! If you decided to make one yourself, send me a photo and I'll post it on the blog!

 photo IMG_1152_zps358df76e.jpg


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