Thursday, May 20, 2010

Stunt Peeps and Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

Thousands of you (well, more than a dozen) were upset by a certain scene in the practically-award-winning movie Son and I made, "A Cautionary Easter."

Here's the certain scene . . .

Well, I thought it best to show you that no Peeps were harmed in the making of the film. Those were STUNT PEEPS and they were acting. ACTING. And Oscar-worthy acting, I might add! Just to prove no one was hurt, look . . .

Yes! It's a photo (see the newspaper proves that it was recent) of Ojo with his friends, and they are fine. Honest!

In other news, San Francisco Chronicle's blog lists "10 Books to Read for Asian Pacific American Heritage Month" and guess who made the list??? Um, no, it's not . . .

(For the record, Peepy talks about her epic memoir/fashion tips book, but has yet to write the first sentence.)

Oh! I've digressed. Back to the SF Chronicle book. Here's a hint . . .

Oops! That's the book in Italian. Here's an English version . . .

Oops, again! How'd that get there. I meant to show this hint . . .

If you guessed, MILLICEN MIN, GIRL GENIUS, you're correct! Give yourself an extra piece of cake!!!

To find out what other books are on the list, CLICK HERE

Also, I'll be speaking at the Los Angeles Chinatown Branch Library on Saturday, May 29th as part of the OCA National APA Month Children's Book Tour.


A year ago at this time, I was featured on Fox Sports. Weird, huh? Me on Fox Sports?

(Do you love how the circle is perfectly centered on my nose?)

You can also CLICK HERE to watch the video.

Oh! And here's an interview I did this week over at Here's a sample (below). For the entire interview, CLICK HERE.

And all this month, you can check out ABSOLUTELY MAYBE and me at READERGIRLZ . . .


Lisa Yee

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