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Authors, Illustrators and Editors Invade KidLit Drink Night

When last we blogged, we were at BEA (BookExpo America), hobnobbing with fascinating, good-looking bookish people . . .

Wait. What? No way! There's more???!!!!

That night we ventured over to KidLit Drink Night to benefit RIF.

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
(The fellow waving is Harold Underdown, and that's Melanie Hope Greenberg, on the right, pretending that he's not there. Harold has been known to behave badly in social situations.)

It's always great to see uber librarian/blogger Betsy Bird, the woman Forbes called "the most powerful, most beautiful, most smartest, most strongest, most most-est blogger* in kids'books" . . .
(A couple of years ago, Peepy went MISSING while we were visiting Betsy at the New York Public Library. It was (almost) a tragedy.)

Betsy's soon-to-be delivered baby girl is not named Molly. However, there are over 80 books autographed to Molly. CLICK HERE to find out what I am blathering about.

Everywhere we looked, there were authors and illustrators. Oh, hello! It's NY TIMES bestselling author and bon vivant Michael Buckley . . .
(The last time Michael and I saw each other we were debating humor in Arizona. Er, not if there is humor in Arizona, but we were in Arizona debating about humor. Okay, I'll leave that alone now.)

Over there! Hey, it's tres chic award-winning illustrator Brian Floca!
(The last time we saw Brian, he was a quad.)

Katie Davis and Peepy have so much in common since both are bright, beautiful and effervescent . . .

Peepy was determined to pitch her epic memoir/fashion tip book to lovely Little Brown editor Alvina Ling . . .

Not one to leave anything to chance, Peeps also gave talented Clarion editor and author Daniel Nayeri the scoop on her best-seller-to-be . . .

Of course, Peepy will need some stellar creative, so she took a meeting with Abram's dapper Creative DirectorChad Beckerman . . .
(Michael Buckley is angling to collaborate with Peeps on her book, but she'd prefer solo author credit.)

Later, Peep peered into Daniel's totally cool book promo piece . . .

Oh, look! It's maggot-hating Newbery Award winner Linda Sue Park with Daniel . . .
(Despite THIS HORRIFIC occurrence, Linda Sue is still my friend.)

We asked them to be still so we could focus on them. There. That's better . . .
(Who's that with them? Why, that's awesome author Barry Lyga, of course.)

We asked Linda Sue to say something deeply profound and she said . . .

Hey, a shout out to my fabulous editor Cheryl Klein and Betsy Bird for organizing the event!

(That's Cheryl, above. She got engaged Jane Austen-style.)

The next day on my way to lunch in Brooklyn, I observed this . . .

One of those things is not real. Can you guess what's real and what's not?

Here's a hint . . .
Photobucket Photobucket

If you guessed that Barry Lyga is not real, then you have to guess again. That's because, it's the subway that's fake! Yes, it was built for the Men In Black 3 movie!

And here's the real, honest to goodness, Barry . . .
(Barry and I once shared a meal in Las Vegas!)

There's even more of our New York Adventures, and we'll be blogging about it next. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek of the next blog . . .

*Forbes mostly said those things.

Disclaimer: No proofreaders were harmed (or even used) in the creation of this blog.

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