Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Helping Save the Monk Seals!

Okay, so one DAY ONE on Kaua'i we were doing this. And then we did this. Then we took a WARP SPEED detour, however, now we're back in Kaua'i, thanks to our Time Machine!

While tooling around the island, we stopped and shopped and surfed . . .

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Later, we went to hear Dr. Charles Littnan talk about Hawaiian monk seals. In my American Girl stories, Kanani helps rescue a monk seal pup, and she also raises money to help save them.

(Charles is on the right, and no, that's not a monk seal he's with, that's Tim Robinson, my seal consultant for the American Girl/Kanani books.)

Hawaii Stream was there to interview us. Here I am, explaining geometry, string theory, and why Toxoplasma gondii is the enemy of monk seals . . .

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Charles was also interviewed. However, he found it hard to discuss the seals because the beauty that is Peepy was so distracting . . .

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So, of course, she ended up being interviewed, too . . .


Here's the VIDEO INTERVIEW. It also includes, Sue Kanoho of the Kaua'i Visitors Bureau, KMSWP volunteers, and my American Girl editor, Jennifer Hirsch . . .

The talk was fascinating and informative, since we had the Lead Scientist of Hawaiian Monk Seal Research Program. Yes, that's right. my Peep. She taught Charles everything there was to know about the seals . . .

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After, we signed the Kanani books that were given away with donations to the KMSWP . . .

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
(Some of the names were hard to spell, so Peeps had to help me out.)

And here's some great news . . . for every plush monk seal sold, American Girl will donate $1 to the National Wildlife Federation, to help save the seals and other endangered animals! CLICK HERE to purchase your seal, or to find out more!

NEXT BLOG: More Peepy in paradise.


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