Sunday, July 18, 2010

Charles Manson, Sarah Palin and Me? Plus, Prize Winners!

Recently, I did a video interview with Angela Fox . . .

(Um, I'm not sure why they bundled my interview with interviews with Charles Manson and Sarah Palin.)

You can watch it (that would be me, not Charles or Sarah) here or below to find out where I stand on the controversial issue of unicorn poo, plus some of my thoughts on writing . . .

Speaking of videos, my pal Kelly Fineman won the jackpot. Here's the scoop -- Kelly tweeted about that Old Spice Man (you know the one) . . .

Well, several tweeters were in for a tweet treat, because the Old Spice Man created videos just for them!!! Here's Kelly's video . . .

Plus, here's one he made for actress Alyssa Milano . . .

In other news, the Old Spice Man named his top opening lines from books, and MILLICENT MIN, GIRL GENIUS was included!!!!


Oops. Oh, wait, it wasn't him, but it was the Los Angeles County Libraries . . .


Oh! Oh! Also, the Old Spice Man has named his nominees for the Voice of Youth Award, and included is STANFORD WONG, FLUNKS BIG TIME!!!


What? Oh, oops. It wasn't the Old Spice Man who is behind this. It's the fabulous-looking folks from the Youth Services Department of Skokie Public Library!


And finally, remember that BODACIOUS BOOK CONTEST we had???? Well, here's Grand Prize winner Aaron Zenz's kids with their prizes . . .


And look! It's first runner up, Alexa Young with her son Jack . . .


Photobucket Lisa Yee

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