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Singapore School Visit, Shops and Sightseeing

I do a lot of school visits, like this one about a mile from my house. However, my most recent visit was 8,774 miles away from home . . .

 photo IMG_1506_zps4dd964de.jpg  photo IMG_1515_zpsa13aa8d7.jpg  photo IMG_1544_zpsf0a95555.jpg  photo IMG_1536_zps2e804e36.jpg  photo IMG_1534_zps57908811.jpg  photo IMG_1512_zps676ce6a0.jpg  photo IMG_1514_zps25159717.jpg  photo IMG_1511_zps16079b7e.jpg

We had a day to try to adjust to the eighteen hour time difference. So we explored some, and ate some, then ate some more . . .

 photo IMG_1545_zpsef0872d0.jpg  photo IMG_1546_zpse1dffa4f.jpg  photo IMG_1553_zpsdd2d1575.jpg  photo IMG_1552_zps838b54dc.jpg  photo IMG_1551_zps6b6e47e7.jpg  photo IMG_1550_zpsd8f99334.jpg  photo IMG_1549_zps86d784ec.jpg  photo IMG_1548_zps7166020a.jpg  photo IMG_1547_zpsd80ec8f1.jpg

During the week we also visited this amazing little street . . .

 photo IMG_1822_zps54e66c7e.jpg  photo IMG_1849_zps1d8beab0.jpg  photo IMG_1858_zps46841423.jpg
(We'll go into more detail about it at the end of this blog.)

For the next three days, I was at the Stamford American International School in Singapore!

 photo IMG_1782_zps7cd3b67c.jpg  photo IMG_1731_zpsf37f355e.jpg  photo IMG_1734_zps57b068a2.jpg  photo IMG_1733_zps69f283db.jpg  photo IMG_1732_zps79f0f3b9.jpg  photo IMG_1687_zps620c7699.jpg  photo IMG_1715_zps12cd06d5.jpg  photo IMG_1684_zps743a28ac.jpg  photo IMG_1745_zps4baa0f7e.jpg  photo IMG_1702_zpsc988471f.jpg  photo IMG_1713_zps709e2c7f.jpg  photo IMG_1795_zps0bec8b23.jpg

I did two assemblies for grades K - 5 . . .

 photo IMG_1692_zps1662a6c6.jpg  photo IMG_1689_zps20a2334a.jpg

At the end of the first day, there was a welcome party for Peepy and it involved cake!

 photo IMG_1727_zpse511baaf.jpg  photo IMG_1724_zps045d8f29.jpg  photo IMG_1726_zps273bc354.jpg

The workshops were wonderful, and the students were soooooo enthusiastic . . .

 photo IMG_1799_zps3a9a0ce4.jpg  photo IMG_1788_zps483bfb0e.jpg  photo IMG_1787_zpsa9d75f93.jpg  photo IMG_1785_zps09fcc6b4.jpg  photo IMG_1784_zpsd43729c0.jpg  photo IMG_1772_zps7ba61bb0.jpg  photo IMG_1699_zps35fc3f97.jpg  photo IMG_1698_zps795c17ba.jpg

I taught persuasive writing, and Peepy taught rocket science . . .

 photo IMG_1735_zps400b716d.jpg  photo IMG_1701_zps08aff78f.jpg  photo IMG_1783_zpsf30c5122.jpg  photo IMG_1794_zps41655ea0.jpg

We had some yummy meals on campus . . .

 photo IMG_1716_zpse6ec7cd1.jpg  photo IMG_1793_zpsdc522590.jpg

Here are some more students!

 photo IMG_1743_zps2a70acc8.jpg  photo IMG_1742_zps478022bb.jpg  photo IMG_1740_zpsa3ad2b34.jpg  photo IMG_1739_zps6a510bc1.jpg  photo IMG_1738_zps5370d19f.jpg  photo IMG_1737_zps1cbc37be.jpg  photo IMG_1736_zps21db7b91.jpg  photo IMG_1722_zps2ba88051.jpg  photo IMG_1720_zpsccfbf033.jpg  photo IMG_1717_zps9203b387.jpg

Peepy was always sad when the workshops ended. However, she was cheered by lunch . . .

 photo IMG_1741_zps7b2c959e.jpg  photo IMG_1790_zpse349da8a.jpg  photo IMG_1792_zps8eb8ae23.jpg

Look! It's the library . . .

 photo IMG_1696_zps3b2d2c0a.jpg  photo IMG_1781_zpsb7b33123.jpg  photo IMG_1776_zps95a6ad68.jpg  photo IMG_1776_zps95a6ad68.jpg  photo IMG_1774_zpse228478d.jpg  photo IMG_1773_zpsf5b7af69.jpg

As always, Peepy made new friends . . .

 photo IMG_1711_zps89ffdaa0.jpg  photo IMG_1710_zpsf8943f59.jpg  photo IMG_1709_zps72880ec8.jpg  photo IMG_1708_zpsdbd5dc04.jpg

Peepy likes to sightsee and shop, so we took a taxi to Arab Street . . .

 photo IMG_1804_zps74ead42b.jpg  photo IMG_1801_zps31651401.jpg  photo IMG_1800_zps2db95c5b.jpg photo IMG_1818_zps5a5cab79.jpg  photo IMG_1815_zps72f7cc86.jpg  photo IMG_1814_zpsff98634e.jpg  photo IMG_1813_zps3d2b000c.jpg  photo IMG_1811_zpsbebf9b09.jpg  photo IMG_1808_zps862ba080.jpg  photo IMG_1816_zps288d466b.jpg

We had a hot and spicy fish dish to fuel us, and kept going . . .

 photo IMG_1862_zps18153b3a.jpg

Haji Lane was just around the corner. If you like indie boutiques, vintage and handmade clothes and jewelry, and one-of-a-kind items, this is the place for you (and me) (and Peepy) . . .

 photo IMG_1820_zps57c58b1b.jpg  photo IMG_1859_zpsa5750c10.jpg  photo IMG_1821_zps07cfacee.jpg  photo IMG_1823_zpsffe180e6.jpg  photo IMG_1827_zps94b92e4c.jpg  photo IMG_1828_zps7418595e.jpg  photo IMG_1829_zpse33bd522.jpg  photo IMG_1830_zpsa556bb86.jpg  photo IMG_1832_zps31612b0d.jpg  photo IMG_1835_zps2e2a4a06.jpg  photo IMG_1836_zpsb0ebef2f.jpg  photo IMG_1837_zpsafa063a1.jpg  photo IMG_1838_zps05436b42.jpg  photo IMG_1839_zpsf3c5823d.jpg  photo IMG_1840_zpsccc504ea.jpg  photo IMG_1842_zps16ba0033.jpg  photo IMG_1843_zpsfe5f7697.jpg  photo IMG_1844_zps81ba33f6.jpg  photo IMG_1845_zps36983c36.jpg  photo IMG_1847_zps231af532.jpg  photo IMG_1852_zpsaf46a702.jpg  photo IMG_1853_zps25bb05d9.jpg  photo IMG_1854_zpscf0c926c.jpg  photo IMG_1855_zpsf39c6b7b.jpg  photo IMG_1860_zps2785ff12.jpg

$2 got is us into the toy museum . . .

 photo IMG_1863_zpsad53d331.jpg  photo IMG_1865_zps4ce88f63.jpg  photo IMG_1866_zps05a279a2.jpg  photo IMG_1867_zps8d492e59.jpg  photo IMG_1868_zps8c0eab59.jpg  photo IMG_1871_zps8cae4aed.jpg  photo IMG_1872_zps8b73a7aa.jpg

It sort of reminded me of my office. I dunno, what do you think?

 photo IMG_5243_zpsee162793.jpg

NEXT BLOG: I found the bookstore of my dreams in Singapore . . .

 photo IMG_1586_zps80ddbfe6.jpg


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