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My Dream Bookstore, Plus Visiting Singapore's Chinatown

Last blog, we were in Singapore talking to these students about writing ...

 photo IMG_1692_zps1662a6c6.jpg

Not only was it great meeting everyone, but Peepy and I also had a chance to do some exploring. (Squeeee!!!) If you love books, you will love this BooksActually.

 photo IMG_1617_zps1ff53a8e.jpg  photo IMG_1615_zpsd715b803.jpg

Ooooh, if I were a bookstore, this is who/what I'd want to be . . .

 photo IMG_1602_zpscf3343ba.jpg  photo IMG_1596_zps6199e849.jpg  photo IMG_1566_zps3570a13d.jpg  photo IMG_1564_zpscd406b23.jpg  photo IMG_1565_zpsed0c0740.jpg  photo IMG_1598_zpsb44817d0.jpg  photo IMG_1601_zpsb291778c.jpg  photo IMG_1599_zps7de736b2.jpg  photo IMG_1592_zps4eec6c56.jpg  photo IMG_1586_zps80ddbfe6.jpg  photo IMG_1583_zpsed37a3e3.jpg  photo IMG_1575_zps1396355d.jpg  photo IMG_1569_zps4b1b4bc5.jpg  photo IMG_1568_zpse7e78732.jpg  photo IMG_1567_zpsde22a202.jpg  photo IMG_1611_zpsda33225e.jpg

Look! Look! It's the owner, Kenny Leck!!!!

 photo IMG_1607_zps2844cce4.jpg

And it's not just books, it AMAZING RETRO STUFF and ORIGINAL ART!!!!

 photo IMG_1582_zps54f4fa7b.jpg  photo IMG_1591_zps2a581a7c.jpg  photo IMG_1590_zps041874c0.jpg  photo IMG_1589_zpse6777c01.jpg  photo IMG_1587_zps606aa33e.jpg  photo IMG_1585_zps1afa20a1.jpg  photo IMG_1584_zpse2724953.jpg  photo IMG_1560_zps21db8cd0.jpg  photo IMG_1581_zps2a9e700f.jpg  photo IMG_1580_zps25f3d93b.jpg  photo IMG_1579_zpscf179bd0.jpg  photo IMG_1578_zpsd1122ce4.jpg  photo IMG_1577_zpsc1b212f9.jpg  photo IMG_1558_zpsbd0c65d0.jpg  photo IMG_1557_zps4ad04a17.jpg  photo IMG_1556_zpsaf26a0ea.jpg  photo IMG_1554_zps3baacc5a.jpg

And here's handmade stationary and awesome writing tools!!!!

 photo IMG_1571_zpsdb1bb075.jpg  photo IMG_1572_zps404bdac6.jpg  photo IMG_1576_zps76119083.jpg  photo IMG_1570_zps247c9361.jpg  photo IMG_1563_zps7d186ace.jpg  photo IMG_1562_zps578521f1.jpg  photo IMG_1561_zps16ef3e46.jpg

 photo IMG_1614_zpsfc2d00e5.jpg

Want to see the BooksActually story? HERE it is.

BooksActually : The Documentary from booksactually on Vimeo.

On another afternoon, we visited Chinatown . . .

 photo IMG_2048_zps6aecfa2f.jpg  photo IMG_2047_zpsd20bacf2.jpg

A while ago I wrote an American Girl book about a girl named Ivy Ling who lived in Chinatown, only it was in San Francisco . . .

 photo 51A5IBPZk8L_zps047fe87b.jpg

In Singapore's Chinatown, I came across the SMELLIEST fruit in the world - the Durian. (In my next blog I will tell you how it tastes.) Plus, we were discombobulated by this odd package . . .

 photo IMG_1987_zps499c0352.jpg  photo IMG_2046_zpsfc76572d.jpg  photo IMG_2045_zpsa8289021.jpg

Then there were these sights . . .

 photo IMG_1985_zps3cbf2b1b.jpg
 photo IMG_2036_zps2ffd12e0.jpg  photo IMG_2042_zpse316f666.jpg  photo IMG_2034_zpsa78876f8.jpg  photo IMG_2025_zpsaccfab71.jpg  photo IMG_2012_zpsdc550e74.jpg  photo IMG_2011_zps37f29ea9.jpg  photo IMG_2010_zps8836f066.jpg  photo IMG_2003_zps5fab7835.jpg  photo IMG_2002_zps4336b3ae.jpg  photo IMG_1997_zps594c7960.jpg  photo IMG_1996_zpsda024ea5.jpg  photo IMG_1994_zps845f0b16.jpg  photo IMG_1993_zpsc5dda1f7.jpg  photo IMG_1990_zpsa2f4e570.jpg  photo IMG_1989_zpsd29f12e1.jpg  photo IMG_1991_zps3cfa0c22.jpg

This man carved my daughter's name in Chinese . . .

 photo IMG_2005_zpsa59088d0.jpg  photo IMG_2004_zpsd53dd859.jpg

I bought tea here . . .

 photo IMG_1992_zpsc0751718.jpg

I am so glad I made it to the Chinatown Heritage Centre. The exhibits were enlightening, and it was sobering seeing the cramped "cubical living" spaces many families occupied . . .

 photo IMG_2037_zpsbd9a7fca.jpg  photo IMG_2035_zps76c66156.jpg  photo IMG_2032_zpsaeb153fb.jpg  photo IMG_2028_zps234114f8.jpg

Nearby, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple Museum was gorgeous . . .

 photo IMG_2013_zpsa3583471.jpg  photo IMG_2021_zps5f72c55d.jpg  photo IMG_2020_zps3aea0340.jpg  photo IMG_2019_zps13d40233.jpg  photo IMG_2018_zpsd8b16497.jpg  photo IMG_2017_zpsea7a42ae.jpg  photo IMG_2016_zps1cd5d9ea.jpg

Next Blog: A Chinese American sees some Singapore sights with an Australian, plus a store devoted to picture books, plus plus food GLORIOUS food!!!


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