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Scottish Highlands Highlights, Hairy Coo, and Museum Quality Photos

Wait, wha . . . ? You're still in Scotland? (Meaning, me. I'm still in Scotland.) Well, yeah. Duh. Time Machine!

 photo Photoon1-20-13at2_zps5292dec6.jpg

The Downtown Abbey gang was in Scotland for the holidays, and so were we . . .

 photo IMG_1178_zpsc8a377f7.jpg  photo IMG_0402-1_zpsaea4ea1b.jpg
(Peepy and Lord Grantham, aka Hugh Bonneville, met for the first time, here.)

So then, Scotland-wise, I was HERE, and I was THERE. Now, I'm here and there . . .

 photo IMG_0947_zpsc6633fe2.jpg  photo IMG_0904_zps21f91c3a.jpg

Let's start with here with some museum-quality photos. Yes, we visited the National Museum of Scotland . . .

 photo IMG_0589_zpsa85750fa.jpg  photo IMG_0590_zps2d07a577.jpg  photo IMG_1085_zpsa546b2ba.jpg  photo IMG_0616_zps8a0a48dc.jpg  photo IMG_0613_zpse01c546f.jpg  photo IMG_0611_zps7c7c7513.jpg  photo IMG_0603_zpsec87ec15.jpg  photo IMG_0600_zps86c1d39a.jpg  photo IMG_0598_zps3b6ba581.jpg  photo IMG_0594_zps17a0e853.jpg  photo IMG_1082_zps208f26f1.jpg  photo IMG_1079_zps559cf4d6.jpg  photo IMG_1075_zpsf07a926b.jpg

Oops. There was an accident, but everyone was okay . . .

 photo IMG_1094_zps61bb97ba.jpg  photo IMG_1077_zps3a8a9013.jpg

While we were at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery we saw this painting of Professor Peter Higgs as in HIGGS Boson . . .

 photo IMG_0953_zps6351fc3a.jpg  photo IMG_0957_zpsa41acbae.jpg

It was so cool to see it because in my upcoming Young Adult Novel, SEVEN DAYS DOWN, the main character's name is Higgs Boson Bing! (The book is about the last seven days of high school for a Harvard bound senior . . . and what happens when it's discovered that he cheated on his application.)

 photo IMG_0956_zpsf297373f.jpg  photo IMG_0954_zpscdaafc8a.jpg  photo IMG_0955_zpsd4d6dc53.jpg
(Above: Not to brag, but that's my illustration IN THE MUSEUM. Um, anyone who wanted to draw was allowed to.)

Here's more of the museum . . .

 photo IMG_0951_zps11a25923.jpg  photo IMG_0950_zps91952854.jpg  photo IMG_0948_zpsbf28dda8.jpg

The Museum of Childhood was full of awesome rare toys!

 photo IMG_0588_zps2e7c76ab.jpg  photo IMG_0586_zpsa0174de4.jpg  photo IMG_0584_zps4141b073.jpg  photo IMG_0580_zps05c02280.jpg  photo IMG_0579_zps41cda0a6.jpg  photo IMG_0578_zpsc90f0f67.jpg  photo IMG_0574_zps99e6fe38.jpg

And now, let's visit way over there. We took a day trip to the famed Scottish Highlands. Our guide, repeatedly, repeatedly, said that the movie BRAVEHEART was an affront to the Scottish people and everything in it, including Mel Gibson, was all wrong . . .
 photo Braveheart-05-4_zps20e9e86f.jpeg

So, here's the real deal . . .

 photo IMG_0790_zps4c18e1f3.jpg  photo IMG_0789_zpsb6524507.jpg  photo IMG_0791_zps86e292d8.jpg  photo IMG_0796_zps93496c53.jpg  photo IMG_0805_zps98afd261.jpg  photo IMG_0808_zps5c3d4869.jpg

It was great fun running around Doune Castle, the site of the filming of Monty Python and The Holy Grail.

 photo 8a699f72_zpsbb3ee51d.jpg

Our guide even lent us some coconuts so we could pretend to be horses. (If this makes no sense to you, see the movie.)

 photo IMG_0814_zpsea714d67.jpg  photo IMG_0820_zps88fc2753.jpg  photo IMG_0823_zps13f51533.jpg  photo IMG_0824_zps1447c365.jpg

Later, we went to the ness (a.k.a. "lake") . . .

 photo IMG_0859_zpse209144f.jpg  photo IMG_0846_zps68b0c69a.jpg  photo IMG_0864_zpsccb61db1.jpg  photo IMG_0863_zps2d23ae0a.jpg  photo IMG_0848_zps1cc6d4d4.jpg

But the highlight of the highlands was meeting the Hairy Coo. Them's a sort of Scottish cow. Aren't they cute?

 photo IMG_0899_zps530eb75b.jpg  photo IMG_0894_zps0d1e7aff.jpg  photo IMG_0891_zps60649b43.jpg  photo IMG_0877_zps3191a1f6.jpg  photo IMG_0875_zps2463df74.jpg

Cows are my friends. In fact, in another lifetime, I co-wrote this video for our Dairy Farmers . . .

 photo refdp_image_0_zpsaf4935aa.jpeg

When our guide asked for volunteers to feed the Hairy Coo, I jumped up and down and cried, "Pick me! Pick me!"

 photo IMG_0884_zps857e0a91.jpg  photo IMG_0882_zps73dcc68d.jpg  photo IMG_0903_zpse618cba6.jpg

Ah, what a wonderful time we had in Scotland. We'll be back!

 photo IMG_1096_zps0b4a6e9d.jpg  photo IMG_1091_zps9d7562c3.jpg  photo IMG_1099_zps3ac098e5.jpg


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